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Collecting Trash on Earth Day in Washington, D.C.

April 27, 2009
Picking up trash on Earth Day (National Capital Building)

Earth Day - Collecting trash on the mall in front of the National Capitol Building.

For spring vacation, Booh and I made a road trip passing through seven different states, with a stop in Washington, D.C.  

Earth Day happened to fall during her school break this year and the “Environmental Team” at her school coordinated a litter pick-up project for students during the break. Kids that agreed to pick up a bag of trash on Earth Day received either a pine tree sapling to plant or an energy saving light bulb. Booh picked the pine tree and on Earth Day we found ourselves on the Washington Mall.

Picking up trash on Earth Day (Washington Monument)

Earth Day - Collecting trash on the mall with the Washington Monument in the background.

Here she is picking up trash with the Capitol Building and the Washington Monuments in the background. The day was blustery and cool in the morning, lending to a great visual background with the dark skies on one horizon and the sun breaking through on the other.  

I love the imagery and timing of these photos: Earth Day, cleaning up the Washington Mall, the dark skies, national icons on the horizon.  

This lends well to her desire to be an environmental activist.