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Felted Fleece Spring Nature Table Baskets

March 13, 2009

Felted Fleece Spring Basket & Pussy Willow

Booh and I made a set of little spring baskets by felting raw fleece. Recently we went to a local farm to watch them shear their sheep and we got to take home a small bag of the skirted fleece. I wanted to add the fleece to our spring nature table and the idea of felted baskets came to mind.   We took the raw fleece and wrapped it around a river stone. We then felted it using hot water and soap. I love the organic look of these and how the silvery Pussy Willow catkins from the tree in our backyard look nestled inside. To me it is the perfect addition to Booh’s spring nature table.

The one above is a close-up of the smallest one in the bunch (this one is for “T&Z”). I love the wispy edges.   And the close-up of the one below is the largest one which we filled to the brim with Pussy Willow catkins and placed in the center of our nature table.  We made several baskets to share and swap with others that have a nature table too.  We’re sending them off today and are looking forward to what treasures we get in return!

Felted Fleece Spring Baskets & Pussy Willow Felted Fleece Spring Basket & Pussy Willow