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The Mystical Experience

January 30, 2009

Greek Orthodox Christening Collage

Booh’s cousin on her daddy’s side was the godmother for this little girl being Christened. A very formal affair, drenched in old traditions. The inside of this church is so beautiful with it’s stained glass windows, golden orthodox icons, candles and marble. It’s a very special place; however, these photos don’t do the glory of images inside this church justice!

When Booh was about 3 years old she went to service with her Thea (Greek for Aunt). Above the pews is a dome with orthodox icons, including angels. There is a balcony where the choir sits which can not be seen by the folks below. They started to sing and Booh looked up towards the golden angles and said to her Thea, “The angels are singing!”

They really know how to set these places for the open hearted to have a mystical experience.


Singing Angels

November 10, 2006


Booh had the opportunity to attend a variety of services at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church with her Thea (Greek for Aunt). Over the past year she’s attended the baptism for her cousin’s goddaughter and a couple of Sunday services.

The inside of this church is dazzling. Iconic imagery is painted all over the church walls and ceiling, along with vibrant stained glass windows and white tapered candle sticks. The ceiling is a dome with windows and images of angels. A large crystal chandelier hangs from the center. In the rear is a balcony for the choir to sing from on Sundays.

One Sunday last year Booh (age 4) was sitting with her Thea during a typical Sunday service when the organ began to play and the choir chimed in with a traditional hymn. Booh looked up to the dome with amazement at the golden angels painted on the ceiling and said to her Thea , “The angels are singing!