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Mushing Along the River

March 5, 2009



Here Booh got a chance to do a little dog sledding with a friend who travels to the iditarod every year. She gives dog sled rides around Western Mass, and this ride was with her new pups.

Alaskan Huskies

Alaskan Huskies

Booh loves animals so much that the combo of thrilling ride plus dogs was so exciting to her!  She got to be a helping hand with setting up the dogs and sled and learned a lot about the process.  She was instructed to hold tight to the harnesses as the dogs were brought from the truck to the sled.  At one point, one of the dogs she was escorting to the sled started to take off.  She tripped and fell, but she didn’t let go, and that dog dragged her a good distance!  

The ride was three miles long.  Her poor little hands were so cold afterwards.  Poor kid.  I really gotta get her some new gloves. – She talked about it the whole time during dinner, sharing all the little details with her dad.  So cute!


Country Bike Riding

December 11, 2008

Learning to bike ride for a kid in the rural hilltowns isn’t an easy task, for there aren’t many flat stretches of pavement for them to practice. The time will come when these rural kids will need a bike to get together and play with their next door neighbor (a mile down the road!) or meet up at the local swimming hole. So they have to learn. But how? Where?

Here we found a barn nearby that Booh could practice in. There’s some farming equipment she has to dodge, and the occasional cow chip to avoid, but it’s a flat paved surface, two qualities hard to come by in these parts.

She’s getting pretty good, and she’s not afraid to fall. I can’t say that I will be ready anytime soon to let her travel a mile down the road to play with her neighbor. But when the time comes, I hope the farm equipment and those cow chips will have offered her good obstacle training for dodging speeding logging trucks that come hauling down the mountain, and avoiding the occasional road kill.

The Sport of the Monkey Bars

October 20, 2008

If crossing the monkey bars were an Olympic sport, Booh would be a Hopeful! You should see this girl cruz across the bars. She has developed calluses on her palms and loves to practice her “technique.” It’s one of the criteria she uses to judge the different playgrounds in the valley, “I don’t want to go to Pulaski Park. I want to go to Look Park. It has better monkey bars!”

A Variation to the “Egg on a Spoon” Race

October 18, 2008
/></a></p> <p><span style=In New England during the fall, it only makes sense to use a small pumpkin or apple in place of an egg for egg spoon races.

At a recent birthday party at an apple orchard, the hostess organized many of childhood games for the kids to play, including the famous egg on a spoon race. Here Booh figures it out … walking slowly and deliberately, not dropping it once! She was a natural! It was like she had been doing it her whole life! Her dad and I were like, “Whose child is this?!”

Now if we can only get this kinetic child to apply this technique at the dinner table!