Sidewalk Chalk Art Series: Haunted House

Haunted House: From the Sidewalk Chalk Art SeriesSpring has finally sprung here in New England. Booh broke out her sidewalk chalk and drew this haunted house. I’m amazed to see how much her sidewalk drawings have evolved since the snow first fell in December.

She was concerned that the rain would wash her art away, so we agreed that I would take a photo of her masterpieces so we could keep them forever.

Here’s her first work of sidewalk chalk art of the season, titled “Haunted House.” It has eyes and fangs and even bat wings (which I unfortunately cut off in this picture).

She has recently been drawing a lot of “scary” characters.  At first I wasn’t sure what to make of them nor if I liked them.  Then she explained that they are scary so they will scare away the scary monsters.  Brilliant!  I now love her gargoyles!


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2 Responses to “Sidewalk Chalk Art Series: Haunted House”

  1. Sarita Says:

    Just a quick stop to say hello, glad to see you are both doing well. Loved the atcs; I just got into them and working with them is helping me be more open to experiment and let go of “perfection”.
    Greetings from Mexico!
    Sara & Renata

  2. icybooh Says:

    Hi Sarita! Great to hear from you. Want to trade an ATC? Let me know. I’ve love to.

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