Artist Trade Card Swap: ATC’s We Received!

ATC Swap:  Collage

Booh was sick last week (five day fever!).  So on the third day, when we got our package from an artist trade card (ATC) swap we participated in, it was a timely dose of joyful medicine!  Just what the doctor ordered!  

Booh had made ten cards for the kid ATC swap and I had made ten for the adult swap – in return we received a package of twenty little cards gems from artists (and young budding artists) all over the country. We took nine of the cards and made a collage to show how delicious they all look together! 

ATC: Sarah Washington - "Heartsong"

Heartsong by Sarah Washington

This one on the left is Booh’s favorite out of all the wonderful cards we received. I’m very fond of it too. It’s called Heartsong and was made by Sarah Washington.  She has an esty store called Totally Crunchy Handcrafts.  There aren’t any listings right now, but I’d love to see what she may add in the future.   Sarah received our sailor card, one of my favorites that showed a sea sick sailor on the back side.

ATC: Rachel Wolf - "Fly"

Fly! by Rachel Wolf

The two other cards shown here we’ll add to our nature table: 

The watercolor with butterfly is by Rachel Wolf, titled Fly!.  It reminds me of spring and we’ll add it to our table on Friday for the Spring Equinox when we change our table to spring (yeah!  spring is here!).

The other card below is titled Summer Tree and was painted by Harmony Lattin.  This one we’ll save for the summer to add it’s rich greens and blue to table.

ATC: Harmony Lattin - "Summer Tree"

Summer Tree by Harmony Lattin

Another set that I was particularly fond of is shown in the collage above: the top row, center and the middle row, right.  These two were made by Willary Palaia.  Her cards were mixed media.  Printed paper was folded around her card, embellishments added, and she wrapped her cards with sewing thread.  They’re really cool!  

If you click on the collage above it will take you to its corresponding Flickr page where I’ve noted all the cards.  – Special thanks to Alison Kiser for being the hostess extraordinaire! 



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5 Responses to “Artist Trade Card Swap: ATC’s We Received!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey there! What a lovely surprise to see my ATC card “heartsong” on your blog listed as one of your favorite! I’m so glad you liked it!

    Love Sarah

  2. Sarah Says:

    oh! and yes I LOVED your sailor card!!

  3. Danielle Says:

    Sarah is an amazing person-this card personifies her beauty!

    • icybooh Says:

      What a lovely testimony Danielle. 🙂 I perused Sarah’s blog ( and would have to agree!

  4. lisa Says:

    So beautiful. I love how different every one is!

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