Castanet’s Field Bag


my field bag

Originally uploaded by Castanet

I had to share the field bag of Castanet from In Heywood’s Meadow. Click on the image and it will take you to her Flickr page where she has added noted of all its contents, along with the contents of several others. She has truly inspired and motived me!


6 Responses to “Castanet’s Field Bag”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This is so wild….I just saw that site for the first time today and want to do the same exact thing!!! Like minds!

  2. icybooh Says:

    You’ll have to share when you do – love to see your bag too! Flickr really makes for another level of sharing with their ability to add notes to a photo. I like how Lori used it to share and inspire!

  3. tonya Says:

    That is a great link. Funny Zoe just asked about her “adventure basket:, which we have used as a sign of spring these past few years. First we re-stock it (i think I blogged about it a last year over at the herbal way) and then go on our first hike of the season. Zoe was just wishing that we had brought it with us…so she began a new nature journal!

  4. tonya Says:

    me again, I meant to say funny how easy something becomes a family tradition with a child. to her it is what we do every year to welcome spring……love that!

    • icybooh Says:

      I love that we’re making family traditions with our kids. Some of them I’d like to see go away (like the bday parties with 100 guests $$$!,) and others that are so lovely (like getting up and dancing to the movie soundtrack during the credit roll).

  5. Castanet’s Sketch Kit « icybooh Says:

    […] shared before Castanet’s Field Bag. Now it’s time to share her Sketch Kit, a must have collection of necessities for the […]

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