Periodic Table of Elements

Lisa over at 5 Orange Potatoes (great blog!) recently blogged about exploring the Periodic Table of Elements with her two young girls (ages 5 & 7).  She recommends the book, The Periodic Table- Elements with Style by Basher & Dingle for this subject and gives creative ideas on how to make this study fun.  Two ideas she writes about is a PTOE scavenger hunt and fun riddles about the PTOE for her girls to solve. She authored the riddles and has graciously made them available on her blog.  

Each week she’ll focus on one element with her girls and post their study on her blog, I wanted to share the link to her PTOE post HERE for other families interested in making the study of chemistry fun with their kids.  Read her post, see her photos, check out her suggested resources, and you too will be inspired!  Here’s what I posted in her comment box:

I’m so glad you shared this Lisa! I never took chemistry in HS or college. I’ve recently gone back to school for my MS (in nutrition), and I had to take 4 semesters of chemistry for my prereq (2 more to go)! I was terrified the math would overcome me, but I rocked (straight A’s)! – Along the way I shared the chart and info with my daughter, and I think my excitement got her excited too. This resource you’ve posted has our names written all over it! We are so checking this out and working with the curriculum. I can’t thank you enough for posting it!!!!


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One Response to “Periodic Table of Elements”

  1. Lisa Says:

    OMG! I have some shoes to fill! LOL!!! I am so honored by this post and everything you said. Thank you. Great job on the straight A’s btw!

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