Rebounder in the Living Room

Picking the Perfect Squash

Picking out squash at the Amherst Farmer's Market this past summer.

Over at Fitness and Wellness in America, fitness professional Chris Arterberry writes about keeping New Year’s nutrition and exercise resolutions during our current economic climate and ponders if folks will stick with them or not.  He concludes, “Overall, even in these tough times, I think one’s success with health-related New Year’s resolutions still comes down to personal behavior and one’s support system, not personal finances.”  

He mentions some shopping alternative people might take to stick with their healthy nutrition resolutions, including shopping at Wal-Mart for health food rather than Whole Foods.  There’s healthy food sold at Wal-Mart?! I had no idea! Not that I want to shop at Wal-Mart … it just feels a bit like an oxymoron. I have seen some healthier foods sold at Costco, like Lara Bars and Organic Olive oil, but never in my life would I have thought Wal-Mart as a source for health food.  I always thought of it as the land of Wonderbread and marshmallow fluff!

I started off my new year with a 10-day cleanse (Master Cleanse), so I feel extra invested in my resolution to health and wellness. Committed to continuing a healthy lifestyle during this recession, my family continues to shop for our “healthy” food at Whole Foods, our local co-op and Trader Joe’s. The trick for us is to buy mostly whole foods from the produce section and bulk food aisles, choosing local when available. Any pre-packaged foods we get are gluten-free. And we look for sales at each store. Being vegan helps a lot too, but my husband isn’t there (yet!). So frozen fish, chicken and cheeses at Trader Joe’s is a good bargain. And I should mention that TJ’s has great prices on their packaged nuts and dried fruits. Some are even organic and sulfur-free!

In the summer time part of our solution will be to grow our own vegetables, frequent the local pick-your-own orchards, farmer’s markets, farm stands, and to participate in our local CSA.  And one of my main objectives for this spring is to get chickens for a steady supply of fresh eggs!

As for exercise, I run on the road. But when it’s minus twelve outside … my husband suggested joining a gym. I could argue that joining a gym to keep us exercising and healthy, in the long run, would save us money … but what about right now? Rebounder in the living room? Maybe so.



6 Responses to “Rebounder in the Living Room”

  1. Jennifer Tan Says:

    Wonderful blog! Good luck with your master cleanse. I’m a raw vegan and I think that trying to buy whole fruits and veggies for your family is fabulous!

  2. icybooh Says:

    That’s great! For how long?

    I’m a raw vegan by day, and a vegetarian by night. At night I allow rice, beans, potatoes, lentils … basically cooked starches with raw veggies. In the winter time I do better with food that’s grounding and I tend to sleep better too.

    I’d love to share some recipes.

  3. The Magic Onions Says:

    Oh, gosh… I’d love to have chickens! How would you go about starting up?

  4. icybooh Says:

    Hey Magic Onion – Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. We’re very excited about the adventure of keeping chickens. Last summer I cleared out the side of our yard where I plan on putting a coop. Once the twelve feet of snow melts I hope to get the coop set up this spring. Might have to have the chicks in the garage while all of that is happening … but honestly, who knows how everything will turn out. I look forward to sharing it here.

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