The Frozen Playground

Ice Storm 2008

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The first big winter storm of the season was a dramatic ice storm. Three and a half days without electricity nor heat for us.  More than a week for many others. The drama was high and the landscape was beautiful with a thick blanket of ice! Although the region was in a State of Emergency, and the main roads were closed, I ventured out with Booh to photograph all the drama. Her favorite stop … the frozen playground.

If you click on the photo it will take you to our Flickr page where we added notes about the individual pictures.

We had a fun time that first night, playing card games, eating PB&J sandwiches and making holiday cards and ornaments by candlelight. –  Just so you know, there is a limit to how many card games you can play with a six-year-old!

On that first night the house was still warm enough in the early evening (50’s) to stay the night, but by morning it was starting to dip towards freezing. Hauling water from the river to use in our toilets and wearing our parkas inside to stay warm quickly grew old, plus Booh started to catch a cold.   After the volunteer fire department stopped by to check in and confirmed that the electricity would indeed be off for days, we decided to high-tail it out of there.

We set to unpacking our refrigerator and freezer into coolers to stay frozen outside, draining our pipes, and filling our cats bowl with enough food for a few days, and then headed south on I-91 to stay with relatives.  It was fun to stay in a warm house full of family and friends, coming and going, and even got to be a party of Booh’s grandmother’s 84th birthday celebration.  The whole experience will be interesting to hear Booh recall as she gets older.


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2 Responses to “The Frozen Playground”

  1. Sara Says:

    How exciting! Specially for us who have never seen such beauty in person – but will! Soon I hope! Renata dreams of seeing snow and so do I.
    Stay warm and healthy and we hope you and Booh had a beautiful Christmas.

  2. icybooh Says:

    Hi Sara. Are you planning on traveling north?

    The ice was so beautiful and dramatic … but I can tell you I would have much rather been in Mexico with you on that first night we slept in the freezing cold!

    The snow is so much fun. Renata would love sledding! And the hot cocoa taste sooo good when you come in from the cold too.

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