Country Bike Riding

Learning to bike ride for a kid in the rural hilltowns isn’t an easy task, for there aren’t many flat stretches of pavement for them to practice. The time will come when these rural kids will need a bike to get together and play with their next door neighbor (a mile down the road!) or meet up at the local swimming hole. So they have to learn. But how? Where?

Here we found a barn nearby that Booh could practice in. There’s some farming equipment she has to dodge, and the occasional cow chip to avoid, but it’s a flat paved surface, two qualities hard to come by in these parts.

She’s getting pretty good, and she’s not afraid to fall. I can’t say that I will be ready anytime soon to let her travel a mile down the road to play with her neighbor. But when the time comes, I hope the farm equipment and those cow chips will have offered her good obstacle training for dodging speeding logging trucks that come hauling down the mountain, and avoiding the occasional road kill.


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One Response to “Country Bike Riding”

  1. Lori Says:

    this is such a fantastic shot! ah, i love country life. :^)

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