Ketchup Sandwiches & Hot Dogs

Ketchup Sandwiches

Pigs in a Bun at the Berkshire Museum's reception for the Retro Toy Exhibit.

I’m not a fan of hot dogs. Just the thought of eating one makes my throat close-up in preparation to gag. I don’t even like the vegetarian knock-offs, Soy Pups. Didn’t like them as a kid either. I used to remove the Oscar Meyer Weiner and eat the ketchup and pickle relish. Thus, was born the Ketchup Sandwich. I became so fond of Ketchup Sandwiches as a kid my mother would actually pack them in my lunch for school. I’ve since outgrown Ketchup Sandwiches but have tried to introduce them to my daughter (with my own homemade ketchup). She obviously has more culinary class than I did as a kid and refuses both dog and ketchup. But as a group, American’s and their kids love hot dogs. This web review is just for you folks…

Hot Dogs as America

This small presentation highlights some of the hot dogs served in different cities and at baseball stadiums in the U.S., including New York deli and street cart dogs, the “Chicago Red Hot,” “Dodger Dog,” “Fenway Frank,” Texas corn dog, and others. Part of a larger past exhibition about baseball at the American Museum of Natural History. [LII]

National Hot Dog Council

Take a virtual tour of their factory. Find out how they are made. Read facts & trivia on hot dogs. Learn how to say “hot dog” in ten languages. And much more to be found at the NHDC web site for any hot dog freak!

Hot Dogs Risky for Kids?

Here is a CNN news report (video) that covers recent research that supports the claim that processed meats, including hot dogs, increases your risk for colon cancer.  One hot dog a day increases your risk by 21%!  Why?  Sodium nitrates!

July was National Hot Dog Month. We skipped the weenie roast. But we do have plans on making fresh ketchup from this years local tomatoes. And our refrigerator pickles turned out fabulous! – If you too don’t care for hot dogs, the How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs might be the site for you!


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