Ice Cream & Pretzels


Ice Cream in a Can & Pretzel Rods (c) Sienna Wildfield (click to see more photos)

Ice Cream in a Can and Pretzel Rods (click to see more photos)

Why ice cream and pretzels?  I’ve started to notice pretzel ice cream cones showing up in different ice cream parlors and thought it odd … until my daughter and her friend turned me on recently to the idea of this culinary pairing.  We had made homemade raspberry ice cream in a can and took it along with us for an evening picnic on the lawn at the Florence Civic Center while listening to live music.  I had also pack some UTZ pretzel rods, along with various picnic salads and fruit.  What I forgot to pack were spoons!  But no worries … pretzel rods to the rescue.  Leave it up to a child to devise a way to eat ice cream out of a can without a spoon.  This must have been the origins of how pretzel ice cream cones were first discovered, a resourceful Pennsylvania Dutch child nevertheless; sort of like how the original waffle ice cream cone was “discovered” at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair.  – Speaking of which, check out this video the History Channel produced about the origin of the ice cream cone:

If the video is no longer active, here are some links to peruse:


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