Sparky the Fire Pup

For the second year in a row we went to Shelburne Falls’ Village’s Moonlight Madness town celebration. It’s held the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. A candle company is located in this town and every year they donate 1,500 votive candles for luminaries that line the sidewalks and streets. Musician’s play at various locations, and vendor’s line the Main Street. You can even catch a visit with Santa at the senior center, or Sparky the Fire Pup who wanders around town. Very festive and hometownish. Last year it was freezing and very snowy. This year it was in the 50’s and dry. That’s New England for you.

One of the many highlights of Shelburne Falls is the Bridge of Flowers which crosses the Deerfield River. We strolled across the bridge, all lit-up with luminaries and colored lights. Through the dark Booh could see the reflection of the bridge on the water, not realizing it was just that. She thought it was another bridge we could cross over to. When we pointed out the moon’s reflection on the water, we could see it all come together for her. It was neat to see the formation of what is “reality” become real for her, and at the same time sad to see her leave the illusion of what she was seeing as real.

Trolley Museum

Booh checks out the old trolley.

After dinner at McCusker ‘s we walked over to the Trolley Museum. Based in the old Boston & Maine freight yard, the Trolley Museum is a non-profit educational organization that has restored one of the original trolley’s, Trolley No. 10. The Bridge of Flowers is a former trolley bridge that connected Shelburne Falls with Colrain. It was used to transport passengers, apples, mail, milk and other freight.

After it’s heyday of carting back and forth, the trolley was retired and spent sixty-five years as a chicken coop. This bit of trivia seemed to interest Booh the most. And why wouldn’t it? How cool would it be to live in an old trolley? Lucky chickens, right?

She was also very interested in the model train set-ups in the museum. She could push a button and old Lionel trains would chug along tracks in sceneries made to scale. Oddly, an out of scale cow three times the size of the trains had been placed in one of the areas, and we pretended the train was in a scene from “Attack of the Killer Cow,” racing the train around and around the tracks while terrified pretend passengers let out screams every time it passed by the Bovine giganticus.

Walking back through town to our car we saw Sparky the Fire Pup again. Being a grown man dressed in a dalmation firedog outfit, I’m sure he found it difficult to maneuver through all the luminaries lining the street. This became evident when he kicked over one of the bags and it caught on fire. Sparky’s escort quickly stomped it out.


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