Halloween Spirits

Town Hall

On Halloween Booh went trick-or-treating down Main Street in Ashfield. The town hall was set-up as a spook house and the line went around the block. Before we left for the evening we went through their “house of horrors” and (as pitiful as it sounds) I have to confess that I ended up more freaked out than Booh!

The festivities started off at the local fill-up station with a rag shag parade of kids and parents dressed in costumes. We spent the evening going door-to-door with friends, up and down Main Street.

Talking 200 pounds pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin

The local country hardware store had a two-hundred pound pumpkin they carved and propped-up on hay bales. The folks who own the general store sat out on the steps and passed out treats. Several houses had spooky traps set-up and many others glowed with strings of orange & yellow lights and carved jack-o-lanterns with flickering grins.

That night we went home and Booh set her pack of treats out on a special rock for the Halloween Spirits to find and turn into little gifts. The next morning she woke up bright and early, excited to see what the Halloween Spirits had left her. They turned every piece of candy into little resin dogs of all different breeds.

She said the toy dogs are better that real dogs, because you don’t have to bring them to a doggie playgroup, they can just play together and you don’t have to take them anywhere.


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