Fruit Flies & Fireflies


At Booh’s preschool they have two classes, the Morning Glory Class and Firefly Class. Morning Glories are the younger kids (2.9 -4) and Fireflies are the older kids (4-5). Last year Booh was a Morning Glory, graduating this summer to a Firefly.

This fall the Firefly class made apple dolls. They used “prickles” (cloves) for the eyes and poked popsicle sticks in them. When I arrived to bring her home she protested our departure and I insisted. Said exclaimed she wanted to “eat someone’s head off!” I suggested her apple doll’s head as her snack. Much to my dismay it became her snack indeed.

Last year the Morning Glory class made Dried Apple Shrunken Heads. Whole apples were studded with clove faces and left to shrivel up and dry. By the end of the week they were covered with a swarm of fruit flies. We were infested with fruit flies that fall and I swore it was from the apple art she made at school that was grimacingly displayed on our kitchen counter.

I was happy this year to have apple art she could actually eat, and to bring home a little Firefly rather than fruit flies!


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