Grandfather Twilight

At first when I told Booh I made a blog for us, she thought it was a room I built onto the house. She said she thought it would be a room she could sit in and make-up games, or play music in or study, work, watch TV… She was concerned it might be a high place she could fall from if she jumped.

She’s sitting next to me right now as I explain to her that all her friends, teachers or family could read anything she wrote from their computer’s at their homes. So she’s asked me to write the word “book” because her daddy has books and that if someone was reading this it might influence them to read one of their books.

Her favorite book right now is Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Helen Berger. One of her daddy’s favorite children’s titles too.

She’d like to leave everyone with one question, “Why is the computer’s mouse called a mouse when it has buttons?


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